Tuesday, December 9, 2008

No Charge

So for a quick overview of last week's progress, I managed 3,382 words and the total elimination of what was supposed to be a decent chunk of the story in book two.

I was humming along writing the lead-up to a trial that was supposed to span at least two chapters, when I suddenly realized I had no charge. You can't have a trial without some form of charge and for it to carry any weight, any significance, it can't be a weeny charge.

All I had was a politician lying, whoo-hoo. That's so... um...

So, the trial was dismissed and I was left with a gaping hole; I had to go back to the outline.

I think the new version is much stronger and I'm kind of glad the trial didn't work out as planned; I was really dreading it.


The Brewsters said...

I've found its really hard to keep track of people and events when writing. I've lost motivations for characters: like why is this person doing this? Oops.

Charly said...

I had to make a time line for figuring out where all of my characters were to keep track. It's just a sloppy chart with each day listed and where each person is each day. Plus mine involved a lot of traveling so I had to figure out how long it would take to get from A to B. Of course the time it takes for an Inche to travel from A to B is different from the time it would take a Faery (cause Faeries fly). It still gets pretty confusing.

I hope you keep it up, I would love to read it sometime.