Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fayre Tales Excerpt #2, What Do You Think?

Faeries are a kind people. Rumors to the contrary are merely rumors, nothing more. Though, as a people it is hardly fair to expect every individual to be entirely good, just as it is unfair to assume any one individual to be entirely bad. The good have bad in them and the bad have good in them, for each individual has his individual temptations. But suffice it to say, Faeries are a kind people.

Fayre lived with such a people. It had always been painfully obvious that she was not one of them, most obviously, she had no wings. Gran Melia had never been able to explain why; was something wrong with her or was she even a Faery? No one seemed to know. They did their best to help her, though, they made stairs up to their village among the branches, and bridges here and there. But while she was thankful for all their kindness, with every step up the long stairs her heart sank lower in the knowledge that she would never truly fit in.

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