Friday, March 20, 2009

Big News: New Website is moving to an AWESOME site my AWESOME hubby built for me!

I am so excited about my new website, here are some of the cool new features:

The blog: I'm not planning to quit writing after I'm done with Fayre Tales, so it is changing from a book specific site to an author (me) specific site. It probably won't change much, but now you won't be wondering why I'm talking about Tully & Rourke on a site called Fayre Tales.

Book Sit Rep:
My favorite new feature on my website. The Book Sit Rep (or situation report) lists all of the projects that I'm working on and how far along I am with each of them. I was smart to marry a web coding genius, huh =-)

Random Quote Generator: Another favorite feature of mine. Every time you come to the site you get to see one of my favorite quotes in the box right above the blog.

Book Synopses: The book titles on the Book Sit Rep are clickable and will lead you to a brief write-up about each book.

Bio: I now have a spot for a real bio, not just a tiny tidbit about me. And there's a much better picture now, don't you agree?

Books: Coming this July, you'll be able to buy my book right here. I know I said June in my last post, but I missed a few figures. I'm a writer not a mathematician.

Fayre Shop:
Also coming soon, not gonna say when, don't know yet.

RSS: You can still subscribe to the blog free via RSS by clicking on the teal RSS icon at the top right of the site or click the little orange icon that appears in the address bar after the web address. If you have no idea what RSS is click here to watch a quick video that explains it quite well.

So please check out, explore the site, and tell me what you think. And don't forget to subscribe to the new site's RSS. I hope you love the new site as much as I do, and many, many thanks to my AWESOME husband for bringing it all together!


Friday, March 13, 2009


Danny's initial edit is coming along on schedule and we are making plans for the release. Lord willing, we plan to release Fayre Tales: The Rose Born on or around July 11th. More details to come as we figure them out.

I know I haven't been blogging as much as I probably should lately, but I have a real good excuse this time: I've been writing! I've managed to carve out some writing time between when Cay finishes his school work and when Danny comes home and with only a few exceptions it's been working pretty well.

My goals are 500 words per day, five days a week, and 3000 words per week. Yes, I know 5x500 does not equal 3000. I try to squeeze in an extra 500 throughout the week. I am trying to get the third book done before the first one is released, that way I can make sure there are no continuity problems and I can move on to Tully & Rourke over the summer.

I'm very proud of myself this week, I exceeded my weekly goal by 39 words on Tuesday! I have 4253 words so far. I'm gonna try for 5000 words this week, so that's only 747 to go. Wish me luck!