Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I Left My Grasp of Punctuation in the 6th Grade

Sometimes I feel like writing with no punctuation whatsoever and letting Danny (darling husband and editor) fill it in later.

My main problem seems to be commas. Sometimes I sprinkle them on, a, bit, too, liberally. Other times I hold back and for fear of putting them in the wrong spot omit them entirely.

Then there are the semi-colons; ugh.

When is it a semi-colon and not a normal colon or a comma? Whenever you see a semi-colon in my writing you can be pretty sure it's Danny's doing; I am truly hopeless with the darn things.

I've gotten so bad, I've started second guessing every mark of punctuation on my page: quotation, apostrophe, even periods

I like punctuation, I do. It can make a piece sparkle, used just right.

So enough with all the punctuation doubting. I'll sprinkle it here and there in the hopes that with time and practice, it loses a bit of its ominous-ness.

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