Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More Editing

I finally convinced my husband, Danny, to do a preliminary edit of the first Fayre Tales book. It took less threatening than I had anticipated. A simple here it is, do it now, was all. I now have two chapters lovingly marked up in red pen.

I have also managed to squeeze in almost four hours of writing yesterday and today, between Cay finishing his school and Danny getting home from work. It's not a lot, but I'm happy getting at least 500 words in a day.

Last night I started reading through the Second Fayre Tales book that I just finished writing. It's strange going back through and barely remembering writing what's on the page. With the first book I was constantly going back and re-reading it all the way through, but I didn't do that with this one. It was nice being able to see it with fresh eyes and I was pleasantly surprised with my own writing.

I'm writing book three of the trilogy now. I'm on the final leg of the race. Yeah!

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