Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Impromtu Plugging

Husband Danny and I decided to tune in to the T.G.T. Webcomics podcast this Sunday and next thing we knew Danny was being roped for an impromptu interview since the original interviewee hadn't shown up yet. Turns out she was caught in the snow, she showed up later in the show.

Somehow during Danny's interview the topic turned to me and the guest strip I had done for Legend of Bill and Fayre Tales. Next thing I knew I had the headset on and was attempting to explain what Inches were while giggling nervously.

I'm only on for a short bit about midway in the show, but Danny and Marie Tary were great, a very worthy podcast.

The guys at T.G.T. are awesome you can give them a listen here.


VertigoX said...

Hey Charly :) Just to let you know the podcast location changed to the following link:

Thanks bunches!


Charly said...

Hey Thanks, I think I got it changed, I'll double check.

Awesome Podcast!