Friday, January 9, 2009

First Revision of Fayre Tales One is Done!!!

What an AWESOME feeling!

It's not ready for release yet, I still have some sections highlighted to beef up a bit and a few more brutal edits to perform, but I am now one step closer. For someone who never believed she could finish a first draft at all, I am so proud!

All of my life I have resigned myself to the "fact" that I'm just not someone who finishes things, I'm a starter, an idea girl. But not any more, welcome to the new me in 2009!

I have such an amazing group of friends supporting and encouraging me in both "real life" and Twitter, if I don't finish this book I EXPECT you all to hunt me down and make me.

And a bonus, I've finally decided on a subtitle. Fayre Tales book One is now Fayre Tales: The Rose Born.

Do you like?

Icing on the cake: Tonight is date-night, possibly the first ever since we got married. Is that perfect timing or what?


Todd Dolce' said...

Darn it all,..I was hoping to hear the play by play during the date night!!! Kidding!!! Sounds like the book is doing great!

Charly said...

Thanks, it's up and down, I'm sure you understand that. Some days I think wow this is actually good, other days full of doubt. Try to ignore the latter as much as possible. Thanks for the encouragement, and glad to see a little activity on your blog, missed you!